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Letter of Intent

Dear Inc
Here is our letter of intent to purchase the
located at
The LOI is based on the purchase of the above business and the all the conditionof the business as provided preliminary numbers from your client who is the seller and stated on advertisement.
Our Lettter of intent/offer is summarized as below.
Purchase price for business:
1. business check as book and record and 1 week physical observation
2. Obtain a bank loan in the amount of
3. Buyer’s approval of existing lease
4. Additional terms and conditions
After reviewing this LOI and accepted by seller, official purchase agreement will be provided.
Please let us know if the above LOI/Offer is acceptable to the seller so that we can move forward, accordingly
Best Regards :
Date : 06/22/2021
I have read and agreed contents of Letter of Intent above. 상위 Letter of Intent의 내용을 읽고 이해했으며 동의합니다.